Gates Belts

  • The Gates Polyflex® JB® Belt is a light duty V-Belt designed to eliminate belt flipping and turning during use in blower drives and other equipment.
  • The Gates Super HC Molded Notch Belt is designed for use in high temperature HVAC environments. Its notched, narrow design is specially formatted for heavy duty usage.
  • The Gates Truflex® V-Belt is designed for use in light industrial applications with fractional horsepower motors. Its curved design helps to support full-contact for uniform wear across the belt surface to maximize overall life. The Truflex® belt design is also formulated to distribute stress evenly through the belt via Flex-Weave® technology; which uses flex-bonded cords in the belt body. Truflex® belts are offered in cross sections: 2L (0), 3L (1), 4L (2), 5L (3).
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