Gas Phase Filters

Carbon Pleated

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  • Best solution for removing odours
  • Two layers media, activated carbon downstream and synthetic media upstream
  • Available in standard and custom sizes in 1", 2" or 4" depths
  • Residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • 100% mechanical media provides high efficiency, excellent dust holding capacity throughout the filter’s lifecycle with a MERV 8 performance rating before and after conditioning steps when tested in accordance to ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2007.
  • Carbon media carries a minimum activation of 60%, insuring high odor absorption efficiency, and extended lifecycles between filter changes.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame H.T

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  • 24 gauge galvanized steel frame
  • Expanded mesh on each side with sandwiched carbon media
  • Can be filled with carbon pellets and flakes
  • Various chemical carbon options available
  • Available in 1" , 2" , 4" filter frame