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Marijuana Growers tame the powerful smell

Our engineers have custom designed filtration solutions for various marijuana grow houses across Canada. 

Cannabis cultivation and storage rooms include several layers of carbon filtration and fan systems, including scrubbers that were installed utilizing latest carbon technologies.

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oem filtration solutions

We have completed dozen of custom fabricated OEM air filters for air purifiers and filtration systems.  Whether its a single run or a massive retail project, our engineers can tackle complex design and build projects.  Modern Air Filters private labels thousands of filters each month for various projects.

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Custom fabricated filter bank

Modern air filters technicians were contacted by a waste management municipality to solve a complex air filtration design and build project. 

Technicians had to test air pressures and recommend solutions for providing filtration to this waste management facility.  The most cost effective solution was picked by the design engineers and pocket filters were used to treat the air pollution problems in this facility. 

do you need help with your project?

With over 50 years of combined experience in the air filtration industry, our engineers can tackle complex filtration problems and offer cost effective solutions.

Do you need help with design, build or filter change overs?  We have licensed qualified HVAC technicians who can provide filter installation services for your facility.  

Need help with easier industrial solutions? We are experts!